Tre modi di dire la stessa cosa

By creating a visual structure around this concept of the exhibition, I worked closely with both the gallerist and the artists to find the best way to communicate the goal of the show. Talking with the curator, I learned that the main focus of the exhibition was to expose the value of hidden, emerging young artists. After analyzing together the most interesting features of their artworks I decided to isolate the hair element from the paintings, finding it a fil rouge that linked all their paintings. The result is an impactful typographic visual that could also tell the delicate preciousness of these artists.

July 2022

This was a group exhibition with works by Martina Cassatella, Roberto de Pinto, and Emilio Gola, curated by Antonio Grulli at ArtNoble Gallery in Milan, Italy. "Three ways to say the same thing. Three ways to say painting. This is what the exhibition is about. Each painter is both an affirmation of a way of painting as well as an implicit critique of everything that has been painted to date.


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