Si può desiderare il passato come futuro?

As I have been asked to stage the show with 3D software, I had to create virtual replicas of every artwork that would have been used in the show. By mixing 3D sculpting skills and  3D rendering knowledge I managed to build a helpful tool for the organizers to understand the strength and the weak points of this project. In order to communicate effectively this show, I decided to take inspiration from the biggest and more impactful of the artworks on show by bringing the green neon light in a minimal, alienating form. By creating a light contrast between an elegant, serif font and a more contemporary, monospaced font I was able to bring the overall concept to life.
October 2021

Ilaria Leonetti is a young independent curator, she is deeply committed in bringing decolonization, queer and non-white issues into contemporary art talk. For her final project at Campo MA, she decided to ask me to design a poster and visualize in a 3D environment an art exhibition to be produced at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin, Italy.

• Graphic Design
• 3D Visualization


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