Beyond Holidays is an exhibition of landscape and contemporary art in the village of san Terenzo (La Spezia) from 23 to 25 June 2023. The event is organized by the Ministry of Culture - Regional Directorate of Museums in Liguria and by Landscapes For Holidays. Representing a landscape is not a neutral act. A painting, a post, a photo, or a postcard are transpositions of the link between the person who makes them and what he observes. It is this bond that gives meaning to our being in a place and that gives us the possibility of calling it landscape. To bring a territory into line with our expectations, artificial beaches are built, marine and coastal ecosystems are altered, roads and bridges are built on the coast, and a barrier of bathing establishments is erected to close off access to the sea. All these changes are linked to how we interpret a landscape and consequently how we represent it to communicate it.

June 2023

I have been asked to develop a visual communication system around a contemporary art and architecture festival in a small seaside city. My main focus was to blend elements of the location and their virtual representation with balanced and minimal typographic designs. By using different 3d scans I managed to create multiple outputs to create an eye-catching, diversified visual communication.

• Visual design
• Web design


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