When designing the brand image for Oltrebuono, I wanted to capture the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the shop's offerings. I chose a color palette that reflected the Mediterranean setting, with warm, earthy tones like wine red and olive green. I also incorporated imagery of local ingredients and foods to give a sense of place and authenticity. For the logo, I used a bold, sans-serif font to convey a modern and forward-thinking approach. I incorporated a stylized olive branch to reference the shop's focus on quality olive oil and other Mediterranean products. Overall, the new brand image for Oltrebuono is a celebration of the shop's long history and its commitment to showcasing the best of Italian and Ligurian cuisine. It reflects the shop's dynamic and unpredictable approach to food tradition and invites customers on a journey of culinary discovery.


As a designer, I was excited to have the opportunity to create a brand image for Oltrebuono, a food shop in Liguria that has been active for over twenty years. Oltrebuono is known for its vast selection of food products from all over Italy, including pasta, cured meats, cheeses, olive oil, and wine. The shop is a destination for both locals and tourists who are interested in exploring the culinary traditions of the Ligurian region.

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