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Visual Artist.
Born and raised in Rome, 1993.
BA in Design and Visual Communication, Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy.
MFA in Painting, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy.


Jacaranda is the name of a herbalist shop active since 2016 in the province of Verona. In addition to offering a variety of carefully selected natural products, the company also offers dietary advice, naturopathy, and flower therapy. Jacaranda also impresses with the great care of the interiors. At each change of season, the shop is partially refurbished to accommodate the new period of the year.

Pictogram geometry structure

I designed the brand identity of this small, precious reality in a light, fresh and versatile way. The logo is designed based on the flower of the Jacaranda tree, from which the name comes.

2018 Spring rework

Also, online communication has been reinterpreted differently at each change of season, to accompany the natural and store changes. In the spring, I wanted to highlight the vibrant colors and new growth of the season, so I used bright green and pink tones in the shop's branding to give a sense of renewal and rejuvenation.

2019 Fall rework

In 2022 Jacaranda moved its location to a new, bigger place. Taking this chance Elisabetta, the founder, decided not only to renew the place and the furniture, but also to work on a wider set of services, innovating the very identity of the brand. This is the reason why I've been asked to renew the face of the brand.

2022 rebranded logo, recycled paper sticker

My task was to empower the existing brand image, keeping the well known pictogram and working on a stronger font choice, a more solid palette and a more minimalistic grid job. To begin, I stripped away any unnecessary elements and focused on a clean, modern aesthetic.

I chose a simple color palette of ivory, antique pink, and anthracite, with the colors representing the human centered approach offered at the shop.To be more minimalist and modern, I used a bold, strong sans-serif font. 

2022 business card

I also redesigned the shop's packaging and marketing materials to reflect the new brand image. I used recicled paper packaging with minimal graphics and text, allowing the products to speak for themselves.

Overall, the refreshed brand image for Erboristeria Jacaranda is clean, modern, and reflects the shop's commitment to natural remedies and wellness. By embracing minimalism, we've been able to create a strong, cohesive brand identity that will stand the test of time.